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Your Guide to the World of Beans

Beans are very important.

How often do you eat a meal with beans as a major component and end up feeling unsatisfied? I'll bet it's never.

There are about 40,000 kinds of beans. We'd like to represent more types of beans here as time goes on. Except lima beans. They are an abomination.


Well-seasoned beans are very important. Many herbs and spices go well with beans. Such as:

To bring your beans to perfection, add some cheese. Almost any cheese works well with beans, but cheddar, monterey jack, cotija, pepper jack, and colby are all popular and wonderful.

Most brands of canned beans include too much salt, and it overshadows the wonderful flavor of the beans. That's why I've featured the Trader Joe's beans on this site. Not only do they have less sodium, but they're generally pretty good beans (and you can add more salt later if you need it). Your brand of beans is a very important personal choice and should not be taken lightly. Experiment, learn, discover, and find your true beans.

Homemade beans are much better, but they take enough additional effort that it's worth having a go-to bean can.

Chipotle Tip

If you're getting a burrito at Chipotle, skip the rice and get both the pinto beans and black beans. They go very well together and you don't have to deal with the styrofoam flavor of the rice.


Beans are a good source of iron. We recommend eating 10 servings per day to get the proper amount.

Nutrition Facts

Always remember to hug your bean farmer and tip your bean chef. Working in the bean pipeline can be a lonely job, and it takes a special kind of wonderful person to do it.

Note: Jellybeans are not actually beans. However, they've earned honorary bean status due to their wonderfulness.